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Jsem vlastníkem této karty a nejsem schopen ji rozchodit pod Vista Media Center 🙁 . Dle webu výrobce [url]http://www.hauppauge.com/site/products/data_novatpci.html[/url] by snad měla být kompatibilní, ale nějak tomu nevěřím 😥 Nemáte s ní někdo zkušenosti ? Zatím ji používám tak, že jsem naistaloval NERO Live a ten mi integroval do VMC ikonku na spuštění, ale není to ono . Díky

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  2. Try the following if you have a WinTV-NOVA-T card and are attempting to use Windows Vista Media Center with it:

    Verify that the most recent drivers for your card are installed. For information on whether driver updates are available for your card model, see the official manufacturer’s website.Try getting in touch with the card manufacturer’s technical assistance. They are able to provide you with precise guidelines or fixes for your unique circumstance.

    Other than Nero Live, you may also think about utilizing other programs that might be more compatible with your card and Windows Vista Media Center.

    bubble shooter is so great!I hope you are able to access the Vista Media Center tab! 

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